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Five top train journeys in Europe

Train journeys Europe Cascais Portugal

There’s something special about travelling by train in Europe; perhaps it’s the many different terrains you can see from the window, the idea of passing seamlessly from one country to another, romantic notions from old films, or simply the joy…
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My first ever volcano was…underwhelming

Mount Vesuvius

I’ve been fascinated by volcanoes ever since I learnt to read and started picking up books about them from the children’s section of the local library. For years I wanted to be a volcanologist when I grew up. This plan…
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Volcanic adventures in Italy and Sicily

This post was originally published on my first travel blog on 18 August 2013. I am a bit obsessed with volcanoes, so I wanted to spend five days based in Naples, to visit Pompeii, Herculaneum and Mount Vesuvius, then three…
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