New Zealand

Why you should take the ferry between New Zealand’s North and South Islands

New Zealand ferry between North and South Island in dock at Picton viewed from the cliff

I’m a big fan of boats, and, beyond that moment of excitement of the plane speeding up and taking off, not the biggest fan of flying. So whenever I need to make a journey that involves crossing a body of…
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Getting to know New Zealand: a visit to Wellington

Wellington Cable Car funicular railway New Zealand

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city; all I knew prior to arriving was that it was very windy (this definitely turned out to be true!). Sitting right at the bottom of the North Island,…
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In search of New Zealand’s volcanoes: Auckland, Rotorua and Taupo

Kuirau Park Rotorua geothermal park volcanoes New Zealand North Island

When I told people that I was going to visit New Zealand on my way home from Australia, they all told me to head straight to the South Island for its stunning scenery. However, the thing that had drawn me…
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