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Five top train journeys in Europe

Train journeys Europe Cascais Portugal

There’s something special about travelling by train in Europe; perhaps it’s the many different terrains you can see from the window, the idea of passing seamlessly from one country to another, romantic notions from old films, or simply the joy…
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London to Barcelona by train

London Barcelona train

Tell someone that you’re taking a train trip to another country, and the reaction is pretty much always the same; that it sounds wonderful! There’s something romantic and intrepid about long train journeys, and in the UK we only have…
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Why Camden is my favourite part of London

Camden London travel

This is probably going to win the prize for my most unoriginal blog post ever…of all the places in London that I could recommend, why would I choose one of the most popular and crowded spots for locals and tourists…
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Coffee, cake and…cats?! Visiting London’s first cat cafe

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium London cat cafe

I absolutely love cats. I have fully embraced my inevitable destiny as a so-called “crazy cat lady”. At the moment I can’t have any of my own, though, due to renting and moving around a lot, so when I heard…
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Culture ‘n’ stuff

This post was originally published on my first travel blog on 16 June 2014. So I tend to only write about foreign trips on this blog which, on reflection, is a bit daft really, as I have plenty of adventures…
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