Why Camden is my favourite part of London

Camden London travel

This is probably going to win the prize for my most unoriginal blog post ever…of all the places in London that I could recommend, why would I choose one of the most popular and crowded spots for locals and tourists alike? Well, as much as I enjoy uncovering hidden gems, I also often appreciate the more well-known attractions (which are usually well-frequented for a reason!), and I don’t believe in pretending otherwise. So here’s why I think visitors to London should head to Camden for at least one afternoon of their stay.

Explore the outdoor market (and have a go at haggling for a bargain)
The market is a maze of clothing and accessory stalls, from plain denimn jeans to gorgeous gothic dresses. If you seem interested in something the stall-holders will keep pushing to do a deal with you, so if something really takes your fancy, flex your haggling muscles!

Camden market London

You can find pretty much any type of street food there
Even as someone with food intolerances, I had plenty of choice when it came to lunch. Delicious smells mingle in the air as you wander around the outdoor food stalls. A few pounds will get you a box of something yummy.

Camden market London

Columbian street food – spicy meat in a kind of maize pocket, with veggies, sweet potato fries and rice – 100% gluten-free!

Camden Lock is a little oasis of calm in the middle of London
Take your food down to the water to sit and watch the boats navigate the lock while you eat. It’s a welcome break from the crowded markets and a great place to take some time out from the general hustle and bustle of the capital city.

Camden Lock London

Find something antique or just a bit odd in the indoor market
From artwork and vases to gadgets and knick-knacks, you can find all sorts here. If you’re after an unusual souvenir or a gift for a friend from your travels, give this place a try…or just enjoy wandering around and seeing what’s on offer.

Enjoy a vegan and gluten-free ice cream donut sandwich
Do I really need to say anymore? Head to Cookies and Scream for this beauty.

Camden market London vegan gluten free ice cream donut sandwich Cookies and Scream

And it doesn’t taste any different to regular ice cream or donuts – yum!

Get your photo taken with Amy Winehouse
Not the real Amy, sadly, of course…but she lived in Camden and there’s a statue here in her memory.

Camden London Amy Winehouse

Or just wander around or find a good spot for people-watching
Walk down the high street and you’ll see street entertainers re-enacting the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, buskers doing their thing, fantastic shop-fronts, and locals and tourists mingling on the busy paths. Grab your camera and a glass of sangria from one of the coffee carts, and go exploring!

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