The best gluten free and dairy free cake in Bedford!

best gluten free dairy free cake Bedford

Food intolerances can be frustrating when you’re out and about. Sure, you can just bring some snacks that you know you can eat, but sometimes you get fed up of watching enviously while your coffee-shop companions munch on something sweet, or you just fancy a treat! Since cutting out dairy and then gluten, I’ve been on a mission to find the best gluten free and dairy free cake in Bedford in the UK, and I’m pleased to confirm that I’ve found it! So if you’re anywhere near this bit of the world, the answer to this important question is…

Cafe Virtuoso

best gluten free dairy free cake Bedford

Blueberry muffin from Cafe Virtuoso

Cafe Virtuoso is an independent vegetarian cafe on Harpur Street in the town centre. They have a full breakfast, lunch and snack menu which is meat free and full of the other usual free-from options, but what I really love about this place is that all of their cakes are gluten free and vegan (therefore dairy free too). This means that I can choose from the full range of delicious-looking cakes, slices and cookies on the counter before me, rather than having to just go for the one suitable option (if that!). It might sound silly to those who don’t have food intolerances, but having that element of choice is unusual and very welcome for those of us who do!

I’ve tried chocolate cakes, Victoria sponges, muffins and fat soft cookies from this little gem and I have never been disappointed. It’s now my go-to place for a gluten free and dairy free treat in Bedford. Follow them on Facebook for mouthwatering photos of the latest offerings.

best gluten free dairy free cake Bedford

Victoria Sponge from Cafe Virtuoso.

Some honourable mentions
I was dairy free for several months before becoming gluten free too, so if you’re one or the other, I can recommend a couple of other places in Bedford which have cake options which are gluten free or dairy free…

Seventh Heaven
I wrote about this exquisite patisserie for IndyBrit a little while ago. Here you can enjoy a glass of champagne with your cupcake, in beautiful surroundings. When I visited there was one gluten free cupcake option and one dairy free option.

best gluten free dairy free cake Bedford

Dairy free cupcake from Seventh Heaven.

Coffee With Art
I also wrote about this cultured coffeeshop for IndyBrit. It’s the perfect place to relax with a book or get some writing done, and again, at the time of my visit there was one gluten free and one dairy free option.

best gluten free dairy free cake Bedford

Dairy free cherry cake from Coffee With Art

What do you think? Is there another fantastic place in Bedford for gluten free and dairy free cake that I need to know about?


  1. Rachel ¦¦ A Nesting Nomad

    I love Cafe Virtuoso. Their cakes are delicious and it’s got a lovely atmosphere. I’d also recommend the puddin club, which is on Castle Road. It does a couple of gluten free options which are very tasty. Glad to have found a fellow gluten free-er in Bedford!

    1. The Imagination Trail (Post author)

      Thank you for the tip, haven’t been there yet. And fab to come across another gluten-free travel blogger called Rachel living in Bedford! What are the chances for such a small place?! 🙂


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