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Solo travel to Japan

It seems ages ago that I handed in my notice at work and booked my flight out to Japan, yet it has come round so quickly. My apartment is empty and the keys handed back, and my backpack sits in my parents’ lounge, ready to go.

Tomorrow evening I fly to Tokyo, arriving on Thursday morning local time after a long journey via Colombo. I’ll be spending the next two weeks in Japan, before moving on to South East Asia, then through to Australia where I’ll take up a working holiday visa.

I’m already facing my first challenge – I’m ill, with a horribly sore throat and bad cough that I haven’t been able to shake off. Terrible timing but these things happen. The nurse I saw today told me that I need rest and to wear a hat to keep my head warm; hopefully the plane journeys will be a chance to relax with a book or to catch some sleep, and looking at the weather in Tokyo I will certainly be taking that hat!

I’ll be writing regular posts and sharing photographs and snippets pretty much daily on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; I’d love for you to join me there too.

Thanks for sticking around; things are about to get really exciting! Catch you on the other side…

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  1. Jim B

    I went climbing for several years in my late teens to early twenties. Now much older I may not be wealthy but those memories and the friends I made bring me unimaginable wealth everyday.

    Enjoy every moment, even the not so good moments can often lead to a wonderful place mentally and geographically. x


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